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Bond 25 To Be Pushed Back To Keep Daniel Craig?

Credit: MGM Studios

The 47-year-old actor looks set to step down as 007 after four movies as the suave spy to star in 20-part TV series Purity, but executives at MGM, who produce the franchise, are thought to be prepared to push back the 25th Bond installment to keep him.

A source told The Sun: “Daniel has not told anyone yet if he will return definitively.

They know he wants to do Purity and had hoped to get the new film in cinemas next year, but they have vowed to push it back a year to help make his schedule easier.

Craig is said to have brought in “$2 billion” to the franchise during his time as Bond – which has seen him star in movies Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and last year’s Spectre – so MGM is keen to keep him in the role.

James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Skyfall | Credit: MGM

James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Skyfall | Credit: MGM

The source added: “Daniel leaving the franchise at this moment is something MGM cannot stomach.

He is a major draw and a key player in terms of raising money for the films. As Bond, he has brought in $2billion.

Pre-production on the next Bond movie is due to begin in the next few weeks while Daniel is expected to begin shooting Purity – which will be an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s novel of the same name – later this year.

The latest installment ‘SPECTRE’ saw many reporting that Craig had officially stepped down, even with an interview he did where he’d “rather cut his wrists” than do another Bond film. The only one who knows the answer to Daniel Craig coming back is Daniel Craig himself. Time can only tell if we’ll see a returning Daniel Craig or a new face take on 007’s legacy.

‘SPECTRE’ is available on DVD & Blu-Ray as well as digital download.

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