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‘Deadpool’ (2016) Review By Kyle Pinaro

Credit: Marvel Studios

A Superhero Movie With Its Balls To The Wall.

      Deadpool has had some hardships in Hollywood, namely in 2009’s horrific X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where the character himself had his mouth sewed shut and his swords surgically lodged into his wrists (?????) But after critical and fan backlash against the tainting of the character as well as Reynolds own unsatisfactory response to how Deadpool was handled, his solo film is finally here and boy is it worth the wait.

      Let me start off by saying that Ryan Reynolds is THE best aspect of this film right next to the action, the dialogue, the humor, the love story, and the fourth wall breaking; all handled so expertly you’d forget it was a first time director behind the camera. But what makes Deadpool so great is not only it’s attention to detail but also, it’s nuances that make the character so lovable but also a total douche, a lovable douche if you will. Reynolds really makes the character his creation and not a victim to the writers, and his delivery and body language are what separate him from any other masked hero.

      Story wise the film does tend to hit all the same beats any origin story does but it adds in a nice twist to keep the audience occupied and locked in for the duration of the film. Ed Skrein does a pretty good job as the villain Ajax, giving him a persona that makes you hate him for all the right reasons, unfortunately, he never really feels like Deadpool’s equal and some of the fight choreography between them feels a little underwhelming. The supporting characters have a near perfect balance in the film and never take up too much screen time as well as enhancing the story and giving Deadpool something to feed his jokes off of.

      Ultimately the film never takes itself too seriously and every law of physics is broken to achieve the most gruesome and funny kills to keep the essence of Deadpool intact. Although there are some scenes that feel ridiculously unrealistic, I never found myself taken out of the moment, and that’s something I’ve never been able to say for any movie. Kudos to Tim Miller and the writers, but the praise is best suited for Mr. Reynolds who completely kills this role, oh and stay after the credits.

Score: 4/5

– Kyle Pinaro

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