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The Fung Bros XI: “Hmong w/ Summer Ly”

Written by J. Johnson

A New Year means a lot of new endeavors for those who want better for themselves. The Fung Bros have revealed to all that have supported them over the years that they will be moving to the ‘Big Apple’. It’s a huge step for them as they continue to tackle their love for basketball, fashion, music, and most of all food. As they embark on this venture in the new year it still doesn’t stop them from making the videos that have helped mold them into the personalities they are today. In this one, they stay true to the foodies, but they go the route of Hmong.

Hmong is a very interesting culture where not many know too much about. It’s a culture untapped, but with a lot of stigmas attached. Especially with the hierarchy that exists between a man and a woman.  Though in the U.S., there is a disruption in gender roles based on economic need and acceptance of American ways. Hmong women in the US are more active and in positions of power outside the home than they traditionally have been. Another aspect is the religious lifestyle, as the Hmong are traditional “animist” in their practice of religion, believing in the existence of individual spirits that inhabit natural objects and phenomena that are separable or separate from bodies. Hmong animist tradition believes in multiple supreme beings, called Gods, responsible for high-level creation and functions of nature.


Meet Summer! | Credit: The Fung Bros.

Even though this isn’t about the hierarchy or religious lifestyle, the face of Hmong culture is truly an experience that many would never know about unless they know a few that have gone through the life. The Fung Bros’ friend Summer Ly is of Hmong descendant and they intend to enjoy some subtle sides of the Hmong cultures. Oh yes, the food!

They end up going over to Summer’s house where it seems like the food can only be found in the household itself. Summer’s mother personally prepared all the food so you know there was love put into the food. Even though the other cultures have mainstay locations the Hmong people originated in China but migrated from there all over Asian only to migrate over to the United States.


The making of Hmong dishes | Credit The Fung Bros.

There’s always one thing about the all Asian foods The Fung Bros eat, which is the spice. They eat some Hmong chicken accompanied with a bitter melon or a regular chili pepper for dipping. You could practically see sweat off the brow forming, but it looks like the explosion of flavors will expand your taste buds. Need something to cool you off

When you got some spice, eat some more rice!”  -Andrew Fung

Hmong food has a variety of food that most in the United States wouldn’t eat as they will have some existing body parts to them. Like steamed fish with the head still attached to it, pig ears, stir-fried intestines, or chicken feet. All of which has its various combustible flavors and yes, spices that will cause you to sweat all for good eats of course. Sometimes you have to:

Do it for the culture!” -David Fung

The video end with the ‘identity’ portion and we learned about Summer’s mother and a little background of the Hmong people. The bond between them is all deeply rooted with family. They do everything together along with cherishing the moments they go through. Nothing will destroy that. It’s truly a prideful trait that can’t be replicated.

Take a look at ‘Fung Bros Food: Hmong Food!:

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