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The Fung Bros. X: Thank You Richie Le!

This isn't the last we seen of the rapping-fashion personage. He's moving on to make his own path of success.

Written by J. Johnson

Yesterday seem to mark the end (in a way) a partnership between The Fung Bros & essentially a brother of theirs, Richie Le.

In reality, they are still friends and will forever be, but the legacy of them working together in every video has come to an end due to Richie Le taking his focus back to Kent, Washington to working on his videos in that setting. The bond between the Fung Bros and Richie will be everlasting that can be relived through multiple videos produced on ‘The Fung Bros’ channel.

In the most recent video they’ve released you can see the admiration all of them have and the memories they’ve shared. Along with that is the evolution of Richie Le growing into his own as a person while creating the “nerdy” character of his. Like The Fung Bros., the outspoken YouTube star has garnered 200,000+ subscribers on his channel, but he has the hard work to take that 200,000 to the million that The Fung Bros and it’s time that can tell where he wants to go in terms of taking his channel to a new level.

I may have gotten into The Fung Bros for a year or two, but one thing you have to do is go back to see how someone became as well known as they have. Know your history about everything it will won’t hurt. So I thank you and the entire Sparx Team thanks you Richie Le for sharing infectious personality, sense of style, b-ball game, and intellectual approach that has widened the knowledge about various foods about your culture.

In the video, Richie Le tells the viewers to check out his channel as he’ll be talking about Vietnamese food around the Washington area, fashion, and different ideas that he gets from himself or the people that continue to watch his videos.

Without further ado here’s “Richie Le Is Gone?! His Greatest Moments!” video via The Fung Bros:

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