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‘Dirty Grandpa’ (2016)

Johnny Knoxville already brought us the wild antics of Bad Grandpa with his trusty Jackass crew, preying on the clueless public with hidden cameras and prosthetic genitals. Now Robert De Niro is trying to get in the geriatric tomfoolery game with Dirty Grandpa.

During this detour on the way back home to his impatient and worried fiancée (Julianne Hough of Rock of Ages), Jason (Efron) gets some not-so-grandfatherly, but potentially helpful advice from Dick (De Niro) about marrying a woman who may not be right for him at all. So of course he needs to sow his oats among all the shenanigans in Florida.

There’s all the spring break partying you’ve come to expect from movies like this, including girls dancing in bikinis, plenty of drinking and drugs, and of course, Zac Efron shirtless. Even De Niro gets his shirt off during this wild road trip, and Plaza is being much more saucy than we’ve ever seen her before, though it’s more than a little weird seeing her get frisky with the veteran actor.


Dermot Mulroney, Zoey Deutch, Adam Pally and Henry Zebrowski also co-star in the comedy which arrives early next year on January 22nd, 2016.

Here’s the trailer:

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