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‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ (2015): Han Solo Joins The Battle!

Star Wars Battlefront’s latest trailer changes Star Wars history (or maybe just enhances it). It includes Boba Fett commenting “That won’t happen again” as he flies over the sarlacc pit on Tatooine. The gameplay launch trailer pits other Star Wars heroes and villains against each other with Han Solo on Hoth, most definitely shooting first, tearing past Snow Troopers as he tries to take on Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker fights off the Emperor on Endor and Boba Fett threatens Princess Leia.

This might be the most satisfying gameplay trailer to come out all year, let’s hope the full game looks this good.


Here’s the latest trailer to ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’:

Star Wars: Battlefront is developed by DICE, published by EA and comes out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this November 17th.

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