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WWE: Are WWE Officials Interested In Ricochet?

WWE NXT has been loved by fans for over a year now and a big reason for that is the emergence of NXT Champion Finn Balor as a complete package when it comes to what he delivers for the NXT fans. WWE clearly likes Balor and there has been plans to use him in big ways as often as possible. It is uncertain when WWE will decide on him losing the NXT Title, but the plan is for him to hold onto it for at least until the first of the year. However, plans can always change.

WWE has been able to bring in some of the top wrestlers from across the world and while no one expects WWE to get everyone they target, there is a good chance they bring in anyone they go after. Many want to be with WWE in their career and waiting off for a while has cost many their opportunity. Some came in late and weren’t able to live up to what fans would have wanted.

WWE is not the only game in town though. Clearly NJPW has started to become an international great, but they have always been a special promotion for the Japanese. Money is good there and few people complain about the working conditions. Few horror stories come out of there compared to WWE, yet many have come over from there with success. Balor was one of their top stars and his transition into WWE has not only been smooth, it has been kind of remarkable.

Prince Puma aka Ricochet | Photo credit: Lucha Underground

Well, it seems like WWE was targeting one of the indie’s biggest names in Ricochet. This is according to the Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats). You may also know him as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground.

The post also notes that WWE had interest in Angelico of Lucha Underground. However, due to the show being renewed for a second season, the fit is no longer there.

The very interesting thing that came from this was the plans for Ricochet if he signed if WWE. He would have reported to NXT and jumped into a feud with NXT Champion Finn Balor. WWE clearly sees how talented the guy is.

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE has kept their eye on Lucha Underground and have seen some stars there that they would love to pick up such as Angelico and of course Puma. Ricochet actually lives with WWE NXT talent Apollo Crews in Orlando, Florida. There was a lot of talk about him in the past when WWE brought in Neville, however they didn’t jump on signing Ricochet at the time due to a difference in how they were signing guys then.

Of course this led to Ricochet working other Indy areas in California and across the world, which eventually led him to Lucha Underground where he truly was able to capture everyone’s attention.

Finn Balor in NXT | Photo credit: WWE NXT

WWE wanted to bring Ricochet in so badly that they were willing to fast track him to the main event level and have him face off with NXT Champion Finn Balor. WWE wanted to continue the NXT dominance and with a person like Ricochet, that was easy to do. The idea was that he would be presented in a similar way to how they presented Balor early on, so there wouldn’t be any start over. Sadly, this will not be happening.

Seeing Ricochet in NXT one day would be astonishing. He would add to the terrific crop of talent already down in Florida and put on 5-star matches in his sleep. Evidence of this can be seen at the NJPW G1 Climax finals in August. Ricochet may not be out of WWE for another 7 years like Balor was with NJPW. It is interesting that both held a Prince title in their respective promotions as well. A story is easy to do, so WWE will go for it whenever they get the chance. Ricochet in NXT may be a dream for now but with the way the business has run down south, anything can happen.

Source(s): The Wrestling Observer & Cageside Seats

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