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The Fung Bros. IX: Cambodian Sandwiches In NYC

via The Fung Bros. | Written by J. Johnson

If there’s anything The Fung Bros. can’t do when they set them to it, go ahead and point it out…. Don’t worry I’ll wait… Didn’t think so. Andrew & David Fung along with their close friend Richie Le have given us some stunning moments when it comes to food. You would think they’ve run out of places and cultures to eat from, but oh no that’s the case when it comes to the Asian culture—the exotic boundary of food—there’re many flavors that can explode when you taste it. The Fung Bros definitely know how to explore those flavors as they’ve forefronted the side of Asian cuisine as a topic of interest in their videos. This time around Andrew, David, and Richie have come to the ‘Big Apple’/Union Square; the city of cultural fusion and making your dreams come true, to try some Cambodian eats that could knock you back a couple of notches. In this one, they’re accompanied by their friends, Joanlee & HellaChluy to the ‘Num Pang Sandwiches Shop’.

Like every average New Yorker living in the vibrant city, transportation isn’t a worry on the brain. From walking to riding a taxi wouldn’t be a strain, it’s like a luxury. So the guys take the city’s past-time of transportation services; the subway to get across town. Joanlee & HellaChluy are originally from the west coast but have been in the New York area for some time enjoy the concrete jungle. Even these two talented individuals say the NYC subway system isn’t that bad like most people think.

Joanlee & HellaChluy | Photo credit: The Fung Bros.

Joanlee & HellaChluy | Photo credit: The Fung Bros.

Like the Vietnamese, Cambodian coffee is something of a must when you go out, even so David Fung tells that both are different from each other. David gives the info about ‘Num Pang’ being a fusion spot but knows the owner is authentically Cambodian. It only shows that even the pure-blooded Cambodian people have a flexible side of experimenting to bring a different taste to their menus.

Sausage Nampang isn’t something Joanlee would normally see in the sandwich but thinks of another sausage called Twako (Cambodian sausage) although they’ve cut it and deep fried it. The Cambodian-slaw that Andrew takes a fork to doesn’t have that coleslaw taste but edges towards the papaya salad portion. It must be really good to try when you can say that papaya salad is nothing to overlook in terms of the burst of flavors that come with it. Richie takes the task of trying the pulled pork nampang. He goes on by saying that the marinated pork is much different than how the Vietnamese go about the process. All three go on to taste an array of sandwiches; pork belly, coconut shrimp, skirt steak,—HellaChluy says it’s alright, not saying it isn’t good while Joanlee chimes saying the skirt steak isn’t normally used in a sandwich—and followed by catfish. It seems like the authentic taste is what they want to have. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to have that taste of what it’s like from the country it came from.


Richie Le | Photo credit: The Fung Bros.

After all the tasting and trying those flavors the guys go out to reflect on the Cambodian culture as a whole. Like Joanlee says, most people don’t know about Cambodian food or even the country itself to exist. It’s the reason why some places that explore those culture either exist or doesn’t. Either you’ll have to hear of it from another person or just stumble upon it as you travel the big city. It’s a mind-blowing notion, but not surprising given the gravitate in which Cambodia being placed among the Asian culture. HellaChluy like Joanlee is even surprised that the Nam Pang is even good let alone that it exist.

Both Joanlee & HellaChluy discuss their ways how Cambodians may have set that wave of immigration to America. HellaChluy’s parents traveled here as refugees back in 1989 as Joanlee, thinks 90% of them came from the killing fields. One can only wonder how proud one would feel about being Cambodian, HellaChluy says it’s the sense of working hard and never giving up. Joanlee is proud from a generational aspect but looks at his parent’s sacrifice to live the American dream so he takes that pride to work just as hard. Both want the young generation to work hard, never allow negativity to stop them, reach for their dreams, and they will see that all those components will make it happen.

It’s awesome to see that even cultures that some have little to no knowledge about be given that chance to shine. Going out there and experiencing something out of your comfort zone will open up a lot of doors to your taste buds. It’s all a matter of finding the right spot and it having that authentic touch from that culture. One of the biggest places to experience all this is New York City there’s literally no other place like it. Som Arkun to The Fung Bros, Richie Le, Joanlee, and HellaChluy for a great episode and teaching me along with those reading a few new avenues to try out in the ‘Big Apple’.

Until next, keep entertaining peeps.

Lear Hai.

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