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‘Dollar And A Dream’ [MV] – Tavonte Woods (T Woods)

Written by: J. Johnson

Tavonte Woods

He’s a young rapper with a passion, to succeed by making his music career his life’s work. A lot of rappers want to make their dreams come true, but a lot don’t make it to the level they hope to achieve.

You know what’s really inspiring? It’s the fact that Tavonte’s dream of making his dream worth something to live is something I can’t argue with. I don’t know the man personally, but his drive is what a ‘Young King’ should do and it’s admirable. Tavonte has a future for him to be a great artist. He can change minds and ways the game can be played. It’s definitely a come up for the young artist, but only the future can tell of his success if he continues to do what he’s been doing since he’s started.

Seems like the young king has, all the backing to succeed as his fans base is supportive every step of the way. September 24th volume 2 of ‘Underage & Underrated’ will be released along with a ‘Mixtape Release Party’ to be thrown for the release of the new mixtape as well. The exposure is key to realizing his dream.

In that time he’s released a [MV] entitled ‘Dollar And A Dream’. The music video has the message of him striving for success as he’s had the help with his family and others that have been with him from day one. When you have a dream that you want to become reality then, you’ll take every opportunity there is, but do it with self-respect and passion. Tavonte Woods like every aspiring rapper/artist has shown that mindset.

Here’s his latest [MV] entitled ‘Dollar & A Dream’:

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Don’t forget T Woods’ debut album ‘Young Kings’ is coming soon!

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