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Written by: J. Johnson

There’s music & then, there’s MUSIC!

Each song by any artist is something being felt at the time it being made. Some song has a message to be positive to a group of people and could be negative to others, but nevertheless music is the universal language that connects us all. Now I’m not an expert like I’ve said, however hearing a multitude of songs over the years you can tell what kind of music is — well amazing that anyone that hears can have the same opinion on it as you have. Digressing from the overall point I can say that great music is in the ears of the beholder (cliché). It’s called your musical taste for a reason.

IZZY MAN is a creator and rap genius, transforming thoughts, Sega and Nintendo samples, and Mighty Morphin Power Ranger colors into words, music, movement, and new rap songs. He was hand picked by Talib Kweli to be featured on his 2010 Blacksmith Community Mixtape, has performed at the first annual McDonald’s B-Boy Royale 2014, The Roots Picnic 2013 warming up the crowd for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Naughty By Nature, opened up for Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Clara C, and Aijia, and is currently performing regular hiphop sets all over NYC including Bowery Electric, Arlene’s Grocery, Toshi’s Living Room and Penthouse, BB Kings, Circle Nightclub, Muchmore’s, and Stage48.

We’ve been told “…you recognize and appreciate the music and lyrics for what it was!” That speaks to us and we thank you very much for telling us that. Now I’ve been able to listen to IZZY for a good two days now and he’s definitely someone with a grave amount of talent. One song that stood out was ‘Distance’. Why? Everything was put together the right way and definitely spoke volumes. The lyrics and the artists involved make for a good song that has what most songs should have a message.

The road of romance seems to be walked in this song. IZZY sings about the distance between someone close. It could be a a very close friend or a former relationship that’s only being worked out. If you listen to the chorus that is truly the closest evidences (other than the main verses itself) that point to a relationship.

No matter how are you go, I’ll sing the song you wrote, hidden in my heart I know, you will always be my home. I hope that anywhere you will be, you will always think of me maybe even in my dreams. Hopefully, finally we could be home!

Bae Go (‘Distance’ by: IZZY MAN ft. BEA GO x SEPH YOUNG)

Here’s the official song ‘Distance’ from IZZY’s soundcloud:

Honestly, this is just one of many songs that have a messages throughout the lyrics. That can cause a wide-range of emotions, but this was just one of many that caught our attention. This November will be another collection of those messages and emotions for the fans of IZZY entitled ‘Genesis’. A year ago, IZZY released a ‘prologue’ of ‘Genesis’, but the official self-entitled album is his debut album. There’s no telling what kind of tracks are going to be released. One thing is for sure, IZZY has a ton of potential. Room to grow and perfect his craft as a rapper, producer, and performer. The only on in my opinion to curve that success is himself, but from what I’ve heard he won’t allow that to happen.

Don’t forget to follow IZZY on his social outlets: /izzymusic | @izzymusic | IzzyManTV | izzymusic | Soundcloud. Also follow Bae Go on her social outlets: /yobaego | yobaego | @baexo

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