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SPECTRE: Sam Smith Singing The Film’s Theme Song

Credit: EON Productions & MGM

Having been around for more than five decades, the James Bond film franchise has its fair share of classic staples for fans to look forward to each time 007 is on the big screen. Fancy tuxedos, dastardly villains, and beautiful women only scratch the surface of the many Bond trademarks, and one of the most well-known is the opening credits theme.

A majority of Bond films feature a unique song that plays during the elaborate opening credits sequence, and the last installment – Skyfall – featured arguably one of the series’ best with Adele’s Oscar-winning tune, “Skyfall”. It’ll be no easy task to follow her footsteps, and we now know who will be providing the title song for the upcoming Spectre.

English singer/songwriter Sam Smith announced that he’ll be doing the track (as was previously rumored last year) on his Twitter page, by posting a picture of him wearing one of the SPECTRE rings that will be featured in the film:

The Grammy winner has a classical voice that should gel nicely with the long tradition of Bond opening themes. In his still-young career, Smith has displayed a wide vocal range and certainly has the potential to deliver another entry to the growing list of powerful, emotionally-driven songs the franchise has featured in the past.

The good news for Bond fans is that they won’t have to wait long to see what Smith has in store. Yesterday according to HitFlix, the song will be released on Tuesday morning to commemorate Spectre tickets going on pre-sale. As Sony begins to rev up the marketing machine a couple of months away from the film’s theatrical release, this is a better time than ever to generate excitement for what could be Daniel Craig’s last mission as the iconic spy.

It is worth keeping in mind that even though a Bond theme sung by the popular Smith has a lot of promise on-paper, it doesn’t mean the song will definitely live up to the hype. Many people were enthused by the Jack White/Alicia Keys collaboration, “Another Way to Die”, for Quantum of Solace, which ended up disappointing music aficionados. That’s not to say Smith’s song is poised to let us down; it just goes to show that no matter how talented the artist is, cracking the Bond theme formula can prove to be extremely difficult.

Spectre will be released in U.S. theaters on November 6, 2015.

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