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‘Letter To Jin’ Jason Chu

Written by: Sean Wall

IMHO, all of us would like to think of ourselves as possessing characteristics of a good role model for children. Unfortunately, role models are becoming scarce with today’s acceptable tolerance of misguided behaviors. Some may not look to be role models, but putting yourself in the public spotlight warrants followings especially if it wasn’t for those people you wouldn’t be noticed at all.

Now I know Jason Chu didn’t come out and say “I’m looking to be a role model for everyone”… Although he may have said that without even noticing that he did, but he’s an hip-hop artist, rapper, and spoken word poet who writes music about Asian America, Chinese America, hope, faith, love, and truth.

Based in LA, hip-hop artist Jason Chu is on a mission to speak hope and healing in a broken world. He tells stories about friends and families wrestling with fear and joy, greed and hope, hurt and healing. What Jason Chu does best is take his music and implement real-life/personal moments into his music to bring a positive message.

There’s one word in there that ever role model can give to those who look up to them that’s; HOPE

Why hope? For the simple fact it gives those who have been down a tough road of struggle that glimmer of seeing a better tomorrow for themselves and those who surround them. With his music Jason Chu has been a fan base that not only appreciate the art in which he raps it, but the message it gives them.

Jason would release an album entitled ‘Millennial‘. The album had multiple topics that pertained to the what the album was titled. Very apropo as the entire album is about his fear, hope, life, break-ups, family, pornography addiction, hurt, healing, and other topics. It paints the picture of a man that didn’t have the guidance he wanted, but eventually takes his life on a turn around to deliver a message to the Millennial generation; that he’s a part of. A lot of people give a voice for this generation that those in it seem to think they don’t know what their talking about, but Jason feels this album provides that voice (at least in his own words).

Jason Chu performing ‘Shine With Me’ from his album ‘Millennial’ @ the ‘Millennial Release Show & Party @ LURE’ | Photo taken by: Ken Fong & Jake Cheung

Even though Jason would like to speak hope to a broken-healing world, he too had a role model that inspired him to be a rap artist and send a message to those who listen. Jason Chu role model is none other than; MC Jin.

Why MC Jin? In 2014, in the album the song “Letter to Jin

There’s nothing better than someone who can admit his past discretions with the world. He gives those discretion to the next listener and says “Hey, we all go through some sort of trials in our life, but it gets better when you decide to make good with yourself and find someone who can place that hope with you.”. MC Jin gave Jason that hope to be a better rapper as he began his own healing within himself mix that into his faith and you got Jason Chu becoming an individual to be a role model. Some times it could take a message from another to get back on the right path.

In the song Jason Chu, raps about how inspiring Jin was to his career as an artist. It’s evident that not only does Chu involve clips about how Jin would take his leave from Ruff Ryders and as a born-again Christian, but the message in which he raps about it. Jason says once he met him, Jin would thank him for the song. When a role model of yours can give you chills upon meeting you it’s a wonder that’s true once in a lifetime. It’s something that you can only dream unless you make it happen with hope. MC Jin hit him in a way where even the words of “hope to inspire the next Asian hip hop kid” in Jason Chu’s responses was “…it came true.”

Think about that…. This song has many levels of messages if listened to closely. You’d be surprised at how many people have a role model and strive to be just like them in the sense of how they work so hard to be the best at what they do. Jason Chu is an artist that can take his past and turn it into a lesson for the Millennials. Not saying he has to be followed by example, simply saying that his message can be heard and be taken for inspiration.

Letter to Jin‘ is available on the album ‘MILLENNIAL’ @ Grandmaster Bandcamp. Don’t forget to follow and like Jason Chu on his social media outlets Twitter & Facebook. Also visit for any info. And finally don’t forget to follow & like MC Jin on his outlets: Twitter, Facebook, &

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