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J. Han ‘Tired’ [MV]

By: J. Johnson


Did you guys enjoy the articles for #OneYearOfSparx? I’m sure you guys did or you wouldn’t be reading the ones from the now and past. I do thank you for that because, of hard work and dedication was put into those for you guys.

Just like this fellow friend of ours; J. Han.

A member of the positive-uplifting music label Good Fruit Co. and a part of the AMP Movement alongside; Sam Ock & CL. AMP is a collective that seeks to engage their culture through hip-hop with lyrical influences that are rooted in deep Christian tradition. See I love this aspect because, for so many years hip-hop has this stigma as being a genre of negtivity and degradation that adding that positive/Christian appeal can further take the genre out of the limelight as a horrible genre.

J. Han is one of those hip-hop Christian artists that has been able to gain a piece of success by singing with a overall message for every one of his songs. We’ve recently reviewed his album ‘Tower Ivory’ that spoke a large part of who he really is. Tower Ivory blends hip-hop with elements of gospel, jazz and blues. J. Han recognizes the album as “the realization of [his] musical identity, and his journey towards manhood.” It reminds listeners that the expedition on life’s journey is equally as important as the destination reached.

J. Han on the set for his MV ‘Tired’ | Image credit to original owner(s)

J. Han took one song and made it into a MV that from my perspective has an interesting take on it considering the title and context of the song. If you watch closely beyond the throwing of baked goods at his face (LOL! Sorry James), you’ll understand the message involved. He’s singing his heart and soul for the moment of not letting yourself get frustrated in certain situations. In life you must be able to handle stress to a level where you can handle anything in that time when it’s an essential time. The baking that J. Han is doing is something of a comfort level for most. Even when he’s getting cupcakes and cookies threw at him. The old saying goes “Turn the other cheek”.

“Tired” in this visual aspect is best represented for the message that it’s giving. J. Han is making waves for the positive Christian singers of tomorrow.

Listen and watch for yourself and understand the message being sung it’s a powerful one. One that could probably get your day started for the religious and non-religious. Enjoy.

J. Han’s debut LP, Tower Ivory, is an album about growing pains, a journey towards manhood. Blending hip-hop with elements of jazz, blues, and elevator music, Tower Ivory is the realization of J. Han’s musical identity. This work exists to remind listeners that the expedition is equally as important as the destination.

Tower Ivory released on May 25, 2015. The record consists of 13 tracks, featuring collaborations with labelmates Sam Ock and Gowe alongside NAK, Mickey Cho and John Givez (courtesy of Kings Dream Entertainment).

‘Tower Ivory’ is available now on iTunes and don’t forget to follow J. Han on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook

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