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WWE: Daniel Bryan Set To Return By The End Of 2015

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. His outside-the-ring appeal is getting to be huge, as the YES! Chant has caught on in several sports — especially in college environments. On top of that, it has made it’s way into pop culture. Daniel Bryan could be a much bigger star now, but due to injuries, he has been forced to leave WWE early into title runs the last two years.

After such a problem with his health, would WWE ever allow Daniel Bryan to return to their ring knowing he could get hurt yet again on their watch? It looks like they may just allow this risk.

According to Cageside Seats, Daniel Bryan is expected back by the end of 2015. The problem early on was that WWE was playing it safe with him, trying to make sure he was healthy enough all over to return. Doctors have already cleared him, but WWE doctors have not yet done so. This has been the problem for Bryan the last number of months. While many outside of WWE could clear him, there is some risk in that. So, WWE wants to be positive by having Bryan pass every test they have on their watch.

Daniel Bryan officially left WWE due to a concussion. His neck is perfectly fine, as well as his arm, which was what many were worried about. If he passed all medical tests, one would imagine that he should be cleared to return. The main problem with this is the cautious approach by WWE to it all. He has been hurt twice in the span of a year. While both can be seen as serious, the concussion was not nearly as severe as once thought.

Daniel Bryan as WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2014.

Now that WWE is seeing progress and Daniel Bryan has been telling anyone who asks that he is healthy, it makes all the sense in the world for WWE to consider bringing him back. The plan might have been all along to bring him back near the end of the year to keep him healthy for WrestleMania time. He very well could be back the same time he was this past year.

It is doubtful that WWE has him win the Royal Rumble match and headline WrestleMania 32. We can also venture to guess that WWE won’t put a title on him right away. This due to the fact that they have no idea if he’ll get hurt again. However, seeing him in a big match at WrestleMania is not out of the cards yet. As of now, WWE has no plans for him at the event. So, we will have to see what happens around that time.

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