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Ken Is Coming, But On A Different Wave-Length Than Counterpart; Ryu In Street Fighter V

Credit: Capcom

Veteran street fighter Ken Masters is coming to Street Fighter 5, Capcom confirmed at its San Diego Comic-Con panel today. The fighter will play less like his shotokan counterpart Ryu than ever before, Capcom said after revealing the fighting game’s latest character.

Ken won’t wear his familiar red gi in Street Fighter 5, making him look more distinct from Ryu in the sequel. Though he still has his trademark shoryuken, Ken’s moves have also been switched up to help differentiate him further.

Capcom said Ken will be more aggressive and “in your face,” as well as “a bit more stylish.” Ken’s V-trigger move is named Heat Rush and will improve all of his special attacks. His V-skill, Quick Step, lets him run at his opponent and quickly close any distance between them.

Ken will be playable at San Diego Comic-Con in Capcom’s booth for the first time.

Street Fighter 5 will be released spring 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Ken as he appears in Street Fighter V | Image credit: Capcom

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