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WWEditorials Ep. VII: NXT “The Future Is Now” -Triple H

By: J. Johnson

Professional wrestling is fun again. It never lost its luster, but something new is usually better. Its been a few years, but WWE NXT is fun. WWE NXT is something new. WWE NXT is the hottest commodity in professional wrestling. WWE fans always wanted to know how WWE NXT actually started.

In the middle of promoting Tough Enough, Triple H talked with USA Today about WWE NXT and how it started.

“It was the thing that was lacking to me… and I said to Vince, ‘Twenty years from now, where are we going to get all these guys from?’ And he said ‘What do we do about it?’

I started putting together this plan in my head and he and I worked on it, and he said, ‘I think this is a great thing. Go do it.’ And that’s what we’ve done there.”

Triple H then went on to discuss what it’s like for his WWE NXT wrestlers to make it to the main roster.

“To see them go out there and knock it out of the park and see how happy they are, it’s awesome, man… In some ways it’s like watching my kids.”

The USA Today article noted that when Triple H sees Bray Wyatt and Sami Zayn on WWE RAW, it’s a “different kind of thrill.” Clearly, Triple H knows success when he sees it. That brings the WWE Universe to the next man in charge. More than likely, he will take over when Vince McMahon decides to step down. The change is already starting.

Triple H ran WWE RAW two nights ago. McMahon and Kevin Dunn, McMahon’s second-hand man, weren’t there. Some of the creative decisions were very different. For example, the room where Bray Wyatt was in during the tea party scene was brilliant. It offered something to the WWE product that needed a change.

Triple H is beginning to become more and more hands on with the creative control aspect of the main shows. Bringing some of the magic that makes NXT a hot bed for creative-simple ideas.

WWE is doing great things, so they don’t require a huge changing of the guard. They already brought up the Lucha Dragons, who should be used more. Neville and Kevin Owens both made a huge splash on the WWE main roster — especially Owens, who already beat John Cena clean and lost to him, but looked strong coming out of it.

Ultimately, Triple H did a great job with WWE NXT. It’s even impressing Hulk Hogan, who endorsed Kevin Owens, the WWE NXT champion. Along with many others who like the legendary Dusty Rhodes who stood and worked with each and every NXT wrestler in the ring and out the ring. In his words quoted by Triple H “…these are his NXT kids… and you (the NXT Universe) would have been his NXT family…” With the passing of Dusty Rhodes, Triple H isn’t done doing amazing things, as more WWE NXT stars are waiting to come up. The Four Horsewomen of WWE NXT are the next stars to come up. The revolution is coming.

Our editorials for the WWE have been long pieces that have explained a lot about the certain topic, but the NXT is plain and simple. The future is here and the stars of the WWE are those who tear the house down each and every night. So it’s a safe bet to see that the WWE will be in great hands when stars like John Cena, Randy Orton, & others have gone on to retire.

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