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‘Attack On Titan’ (2015): Action, Action, & More Action!!!

A second trailer for the live action adaptation of manga and TV series “Attack on Titan” is chock full of thundering giants, resolute human soldiers and, controversially, a spot of romance.

The special effects spectacular is the first of a 2015 two-parter, arriving August 1 in Japan, and confirmed for a fortnight later in selected South East Asian territories including Singapore and the Philippines.

Immediate sequel “Attack on Titan: End of the World” is set for September 19, both directed by Japanese Academy Award nominee Shinji Higuchi of “The Floating Castle.”

Ex-pop star Haruma Miura features as leading male Eren opposite American-born Kiko Mizuhara of Haruki Murakami adaption “Norwegian Wood.”

Some material is repeated from the film’s April 17 debut trailer, but in amongst all the blast and bombast, Mizuhara’s character Mikasa is shown engaged in a clinch — an unexpected turn of events for those that have followed the manga and anime — alerting fans to the possibility that there may be some deviation from the movie’s source material.

One of many official artwork posters for the upcoming live-action adaptation to the popular manga/anime series ‘Attack On Titan’ featuring Haruma Miura as Eren.

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