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WWE: Could the Show-Really-Be-Off For Dolph Ziggler?

WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler might be seeing his time in the company come to an end soon. Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer was a guest on MLW Radio recently, and he seems to be of the belief that when Ziggler’s contract comes to an end soon, he’ll be departing the company.

“Dolph’s deal is up in a few months and he has indicated informally that unless he gets a big push, he may leave like Mundo.”

The fact of the matter here is that no one will really blame Ziggler if he waves goodbye to WWE. Time and time again the company has teased giving him a push that he rightfully deserves, only to end up pulling the rug out from underneath him. The latest example of this was when he was given the pin at Survivor Series over Seth Rollins with the help of a debuting Sting. At that moment, people thought the push might be on the way, but they ended up doing nothing with it.

Leaving WWE might be the smartest move that Ziggler can make at this point. With the way the independent wrestling scene works now, he can hit the road and command a lot of money and perks to work some shows. You know the Ring of Honors and Lucha Undergrounds of the world would be chomping at the bit to bring him on board for their company, and he’d surely be one hell of a draw.

It wasn’t stated specifically when Ziggler’s deal is coming to an end, but you’d have to assume that it’s pretty soon, maybe by the end of the summer. So for those that still enjoy seeing Ziggler on the WWE shows, you’d maybe better enjoy it now while it lasts.

Here’s the moment where Dolph Ziggler, cashed his MITB on Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship:

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