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‘Dragon Ball: Super’ (2015)

It’s a truly blessed age for fans of Dragon Ball as the release date for Dragon Ball Super, the first new Dragon Ball TV series in 18 years, rapidly approaches. The official web site has gifted us with new promotional art and confirmed character designs, and a fresh teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super has hit Japanese airwaves.

The video features Dragon Ball Super’s opening theme, “Chōzetsu☆Dynamic” (Excellent Dynamic) by Kazuya Yoshii.

Also new in the world of Dragon Ball Super, we’ve got brand-spanking-new main promotional art courtesy of the official website:

Dragon Ball Z Super Premiere Debut Release Date

Dragon Ball Super promotional art. (c) Toei Animation

The official web site for Dragon Ball Super is the gift that keeps on giving, as it confirms the character design of many returning characters, along with a complete voice cast list. (Masako Nozawa continues being a total superstar, doing the voices of all three of the Son clan men.)

Dragon Ball Super Cast Characters News Rumor Spoiler Release Date Premiere Debut 01

Dragon Ball Super cast list and character design. (c) Toei Animation VIA: ANN

Dragon Ball Super Cast Characters News Rumor Spoiler Release Date Premiere Debut 02

Dragon Ball Super cast list and character design. (c) Toei Animation VIA: ANN

In an almost unprecedented move, due to the exceptional popularity of the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super is expected to have over 100 episodes right out the gate. Toei is reserving its options for an additional 100 episode extension based on the popularity of Dragon Ball Super after it airs. I literally cannot wait to find out how many of those episodes involve angry stares, blonde hair (OR BLUE?!) and throaty intense screaming matches.

Dragon Ball Super may well be intended as a proper sequel to Dragon Ball Z. Set just after the defeat of Majin Buu, Dragon Ball Super is a more immediate sequel to the events of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT aired without much input from series creator Akira Toriyama and wasn’t based on any previous manga arcs.

By contrast, Toriyama was heavily involved in both of the last two Dragon Ball films as well as this upcoming series. The fact that the main art for Dragon Ball Super contains characters from the most recent films in the Dragon Ball franchise only emphasizes the canon compliance and continuity we can hope for from Dragon Ball Super.

The original Dragon Ball Z anime aired between 1989 and 1996. It was followed by Dragon Ball GT, which aired in 1996 and 1997. The original Dragon Ball manga was serialized between 1984 and 1995, and its cultural influence has only exploded since then. Counting Dragon Ball Super, the Dragon Ball franchise has spawned four animated series, as well as countless video games, trading cards, and movie and TV specials.

Dragon Ball Super is premiering July 5 in Japan. For a first look at the subtitled trailer for Dragon Ball Super in advance of Dragon Ball Super’s July 5 release date, just hit play on the video below:

Are you all powered up and ready for Dragon Ball Super‘s all new plot? Get hyped in the comments below.

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