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‘Tekken 7’: New Member Of The Mishima Clan

The Mishima Clan has never been a lovey-dovey kind of family. While most families spend their time watching TV or attending sporting events, the Mishimas prefer to spend their quality time throwing each other in volcanoes or turning into demons. Just typical family bonding stuff.

While grandpa Heihachi, son Kazuya, grandson Jin, and even great grandpappy Jinpachi have all punched each other in the face for many years, Heihachi’s lovely wife Kazumi never saw fit to join in on the family hobby. Maybe she was more of a knitter than a “throwing loved ones in active volcanoes” kind of gal.

But that all changes in Tekken 7. Revealed in a brand new trailer for the upcoming 3D fighter, Kazumi is joining the family fracas, and she’s bringing her pet with her. While Kazumi has appeared in both the animated Tekken: The Motion Picture and the sequel to the live-action Tekken movie, this will be her first playable appearance in the franchise.

In the Tekken 7 trailer, Kazumi is shown utilizing devastating roundhouse kicks, open-palm strikes, counters, and an honest-to-goodness tiger. Yes, the matron of the Mishima’s can summon a tiger to help her do battle. The trailer shows the tiger pouncing, clawing, spinning, and even assisting Kazumi with an uppercut.

But Kazumi isn’t just any tiger-wielding Tekken fighter. Tekken head honcho Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that Kazumi Mishima will serve as Tekken 7’s final boss. Players will have to face off against Kazumi in her Devil form, which is no easy task. As volcanoes erupt in the background, Kazumi will slash, stab, and laser-blast any fighters brave enough to step in the ring with her demonic form.

While Tekken 7 drew earlier criticism over the design of new character Lucky Chloe, with many fans labeling the cat-eared character “sexist” and “dumb,” Harada was quick to point out that Kazumi is a strong fighter than can stand toe-to-toe with any male fighters on the Tekken 7 roster. Kazumi also has the honor of being the franchise’s first ever female final boss, which many gamers were quick to praise. In addition to featuring the series first female boss, Tekken 7 will feature a diversified cast hailing from all over the globe, including the recently reveal Saudi Arabian fighter Shaheen.

While Tekken 7 has been out in Japanese arcades for a little while not, Harada and his team are still busy polishing the game for its upcoming home release. When Tekken 7 finally makes it’s way to the States for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, fans will be able to pit Kazumi and her literal tiger uppercut against the varied cast stepping up to this years King of Iron Fist Tournament.

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