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Game Over For ‘Tron 3’

Although previous reports suggested that Walt Disney Pictures had plans to move forward with TRON 3, The Hollywood Reporter now brings word that the planned return to the Grid will not be happening. Both Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were set to reprise their respective roles as Sam Flynn and Quorra with TRON: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski back at the helm. Sadly, the studio has elected not to go into production on the sequel. At least for the time being, the future of the TRON franchise has been derezzed.

It was expected that “Tron: Legacy” director Joseph Kosinki would return to direct a new film, with Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund to star, with preparations for filming in Canada already under way. But the plug has been pulled on the project, a Disney executive confirmed Friday.

The 1982 original “Tron” with Jeff Bridges grossed just $33 million but earned a bevy of admirers, who pined for a sequel. The 2010 reboot had Bridges teaming with the younger stars — Hedlund portraying his son, with Wilde as a humanized algorithm. The film took in nearly $400 million worldwide.

There was never an nfficial title or plot revealed for TRON 3, although today’s trade report suggests that Kosinski was keen on casting Academy Award winner Jared Leto in a key role.

What are your thoughts about the recent derezzing of the unofficial titled ‘Tron’ movie?

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