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J. Johnson’s Review Of “Tower Ivory” (2015) By: J. Han

Not going to sit here and embellish like I know J.Han’s hip-hop career, nor am I an expert on what a good hip-hop artist is, but when you hear music that has great mixtures with the lyrics, medley, an artist that has passion for what he does then, it’s definitely great.

From doing my instinct research on him J. Han, but birthly known as James Han was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. As a child growing up in an immigrant household, with parents struggling to make a living as blue collar workers, James struggled to find his identity and purpose in this world. For most of his childhood, he desperately tried to discover it in his academic performance, but that pursuit ultimately failed him.

Although J. Han he wanted the culture of hip-hop to define him his faith in God and going to church regularly made him the man he his. He was convicted of his idolatry and felt the weight of his sinfulness. God revealed to him that all the things his heart was yearning for (identity, purpose, belonging) was wonderfully found in Jesus Christ. God changed his life that day, and he was never the same again.

Oh just so you know that’s just a little research done for someone that after hearing some of his music I can see as an inspiring figure for many people in his area and potentially around the world. Although it takes the dedication of oneself to master the inspirational level of his/her music J. Han, is truly an artist of his time. His faith has played a huge role in his career just like Asian music artists; Jason Chu & MC Jin. He aspires to be faithful to his calling as a son and musician and encourage the generations after him to do greater things for the kingdom.

Tower Ivory blends hip-hop with elements of gospel, jazz and blues. J. Han recognizes the album as “the realization of [his] musical identity, and his journey towards manhood.” It reminds listeners that the expedition on life’s journey is equally as important as the destination reached.

There’s nothing like an artist that can take other genres and incorporate it with their norm. J. Han definitely pours his soul into this album and I for one like an artist who can take that level of his music and elevate for those who are new to him (like me). One of my personal favorites is ‘Watch Out‘ just happens to be the #1 song on the album. It has that modern hip-hop feel, but he definitely speaks to the listener about who he is and what life can be like. What can I say, “I’m styling on them!” with this review and J. Han is someone to watch out for.

Thank you Jason Chu for sharing this album. I’ve found a great new artist that has a positive message for the world. J. Han’s LP ‘Tower Ivory’ is available now on iTunes. Stay up to date with J. Han and other inspiring artists at

J. Johnson’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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