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Reese Witherspoon & Tinker Bell One In The Same

It’s been quite a while since we last heard news about Tink, the live-action Peter Pan spinoff movie about the naughty fairy friend of the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. After Disney’s success last year with Maleficent, a Sleeping Beauty prequel that starred Angelina Jolie as the wicked fairy and grossed over $758 million worldwide, it’s no surprise that the studio has decided to breathe new life into another live-action fairy story.

Tink was originally set to star Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) in the title role, and at the time she compared it to Elf and said that the movie would be about Tinker Bell getting thrown out of Never Never Land and having all sorts of adventures. Some version of that story might still exist, but Tink has now been given a new lead in the form of Reese Witherspoon, who scored an Oscar nomination this year for her role in true-life drama Wild and more recently starred in action comedy Hot Pursuit (which didn’t quite receive the same level of critical acclaim).

This news comes courtesy of THR, in a report stating that Tink is back on the table for Disney with a new screenwriter in place. Victoria Strouse, who penned upcoming Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory, is writing the new script for Tink, though it’s unclear whether it will be entirely original or a redraft of the previous screenplay written by Elizabeth Wright Shapiro and Marti Noxon. Based on THR‘s report, an original story seems more likely as Tink is apparently being developed in the same vein as Maleficent, offering an alternative Peter Pan timeline with “the story you don’t know.”

Witherspoon may have been instrumental in getting Tink back off the ground, as she’s also producing the movie with Bruna Papandrea through their production banner, Pacific Standard. Tink is expected to have a modest, midrange budget, unlike Maleficent which cost a hefty $180 million to make.

Tinker Bell is part of the Disney Fairies franchise and is based on the character originally created by J.M. Barrie. The character is known for being mischievous and at times outright vindictive, especially when given reason to be jealous, but has also engaged in selfless acts such as drinking Peter’s poisoned medicine in order to save his life. If she ever dies she can be saved by children clapping their hands and saying “I do believe in fairies!” – a treatment that comes highly recommended by fairy doctors.

We’ll keep you updated on Tink as development continues.

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