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WWE: Vince McMahon Shares His Feelings About The CM Punk Chants

There are rumors every year about which city will host Wrestlemania, but Chicago, known as one of, if not the best wrestling market in the country, rarely seems to be in the mix, as of late. Maybe it’s because the Allstate Arena hosted Wrestlemania in 2006. Or, more likely, it’s because Wrestlemania has mostly taken place in football stadiums in warm weather cities ever since the Allstate Arena event, which drew a soldout crowd of 17,159. That was the last time Wrestlemania attendance was below 70,000.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t give a reason for why Wrestlemania, which generally takes place in late March or early April, hasn’t returned to the Chicago area Wednesday at the Hilton Chicago hotel, where he was inducted into the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s 25th annual Alumni Hall of Fame. But McMahon did, of course, say the door was open for a Chicago-area Wrestlemania in the future.

“I wouldn’t say Chicago is out of the running,” said McMahon, accompanied by his daughter Stephanie McMahon at the ceremony. “We can do colder environments. We went to (MetLife) Stadium (in New Jersey). People wear coats to football. Why won’t they were jackets and so forth to Wrestlemania? They will. Chicago will definitely be in the running in the future.”

Wrestlemania has taken place at the Allstate Arena three times, including in 1986 and 1997, when the venue was known as the Rosemont Horizon. Next year’s Wrestlemania will take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Both McMahons praised Chicago’s fans and said they particularly enjoys how vocal they are. Chicago fans are notorious for cheering for the bad guys (heels, in wrestling parlance) and booing the good guys (faces).

“Some of the greatest fans in the world are right here in Chicago,” Stephanie McMahon said. “…And their chants are quite original.”

As Vince McMahon revealed WWE would consider the city of Chicago for a future WrestleMania event, the Chairman of the Board was asked if it bothers him that fans continue to chant “CM Punk” at WWE shows over a year after he left the company.

His response, to the Chicago Tribune, was short and sweet:

“No … no.”

If WWE did indeed run a future WrestleMania in the “Windy City” it would undoubtedly result in sustained chants for the former top pro wrestling star. That’s certainly not a reason to avoid going back considering the market, but there’s no question that it’s annoying as all get out.

Then again, perhaps by the time WWE brings the “Showcase of the Immortals” back to Chicago McMahon will have reconciled with Punk and he can finally work that main event match he always wanted, even if he claims he no longer cares.

What do you think about that?

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