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WWE: WWE Set To Sign Top Independent Wrestlers After ‘WrestleMania’

WWE is changing how they are signing new talent. Triple H is seemingly more willing to sign Indy wrestlers who just need polish, rather than bringing in random big guys or models who require a lot of training. While we will most likely continue to see them sign random people, there is a thought that this will be a rarity when there is an Indy star that could be a better fit.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is set to sign significant names from the independent scene soon. The names currently rumored to be part of WWE in 2015 include the Briscoe Brothers, Adam Cole, Samoa Joe, and Biff Busick.

There are others, such as Johnny Gargano and Mike Bennett, who we’ve heard rumblings about, but nothing concrete regarding even as much as a try-out with WWE. Meanwhile, the other men mentioned have either tried out for WWE, will do so soon, or have been linked to coming in for months now.

Biff Busick was set for a try out back in January, but there was no word on how well he did. However, due to his age and Indy experience, WWE is expected to sign him. When it comes to the Briscoes, this has been an on/off relationship for a number of years. Years ago, the two went to a tryout but weren’t signed. It was then rumored in 2013 that WWE was close to signing them before one went on a homophobic rant. This pushed the signing back until this year. As long as they keep their noses clean and can keep thoughts to themselves, it appears they will be signed soon.

Samoa Joe and Adam Cole are both said to be liked by WWE staffers. Triple H is a huge fan of Samoa Joe, and there is a thought that as long as Samoa Joe can look healthy in his tryout, he’ll be signed to a WWE contract. Meanwhile, Adam Cole and WWE have had a bit of a relationship for about a year. There was a thought that Cole had surgery last year in order for him to get signed by WWE this year. His tryout was said to have gone well, so that is a good sign for him.

Cole is possibly the most ideal guy out of anyone to get signed, as he is only 25 and has a great deal of experience. He has a lot of miles left to go, and since he is all-around talent, WWE would do well with him in WWE NXT. So he may very well be the most significant signing WWE makes this year.

It is said that WWE plans to bring up a lot of the top NXT talent to the main roster in 2015, so the idea would be to replace them with the men mentioned above. The most ideal time they will get signed is right after the WrestleMania Revenge Tour. This usually goes on until around Extreme Rules. So we could very well see a lot of these guys signed at that time.

Keep in mind that this is only some of the top names rumored. It is said that even more could be coming in this year as well. WWE seems to be bent on finding the best talent in the world and getting them into WWE NXT.

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