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Tron 3 (201?)

When TRON: Legacy released in 2010 it didn’t exactly have audiences clamoring for a follow-up. Sure, fans of the franchise were excited to see the Grid rendered with today’s more advanced computer graphics and effects, but even the most die-hard ofTRON fans were left disappointed by its mediocre story and characters. Still, the film profited well from its many marketing tie-ins and its animated prequel series, TRON: Uprising was very well received (though like so many series, canceled before its time).

Disney, however, has always intended to make TRON 3, but it wasn’t until just yesterday that we learned production on the three-quel was soon to be underway. The film hasn’t been greenlit officially, but according to insider sources filming is set to begin in October of this year. Those same sources claim Garret Hedlund will return to star – and given how Legacy left off, it’d be a safe bet to expect Olivia Wilde and Bruce Boxleitner to return as well.

Today, THR is reporting TRON: Legacy‘s director, Joseph Kosinski is attached to direct TRON 3 for Walt Disney Pictures. And frankly, this isn’t much of surprise considering it was Kosinski who pushed for TRON: Legacy to happen in the first place. Now all TRON 3 needs is to sign Daft Punk for a new soundtrack.

But admittedly, it’s hard to get really excited for TRON 3 when it does appear all those who worked on TRON: Legacy are returning. Again, visually speaking Legacy was a triumph, but its characters felt flat and its plot muddled. A sequel would most definitely benefit from injecting some new talent, both on and off screen.

josephkosinski tronlegacy set TRON: Legacy Director Joseph Kosinski Set to Direct TRON 3

Way back when Kosinski was initially discussing TRON: Legacy‘s sequel he revealed that the tone of this film would be darker, referring to it as their Empire Strikes Back. He also said we should expect TRON 3 to pick up events where Legacy left off, which we inferred (and hoped) would mean further exploration and development of the ISOs, and specifically Quorra.

Whether that’s still the plan remains to be seen, but there is plenty left within theTRON mythos to explore. It’s simply a matter of crafting an engaging story to go along with the TRON franchise’s compelling deas and wild visuals – and that’s what we’d really like to see TRON 3 deliver.

Any interesting ina sequel to TRON:  Legacy? Would you rather a new creative team or are you willing to give Joseph Kosinski and Garret Hedlund another shot? Let us hear from you in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more on TRON 3 as it develops.

But here’s a little refresher to the memory:

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