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WWE: The End Result of the Rollins/Zahra Incident

This past week, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was certainly the story that kept on coming. Rollins was not responsible directly for leaking the nude picture of WWE NXT Diva in training Zahra Schreiber. As we’ve heard by now, Rollins’ now potentially ex-fiancee leaked her picture and then posted a few nude pictures of Seth himself on her own account.

WWE knew that Rollins, who was working at the time the pictures leaked, didn’t do anything wrong. However, he probably did beforehand, which is why his fiancee leaked the pictures in the first place. While I nor anyone I know is a relationship counselor, one would surmise that she found out about a cheating issue and decided to make Rollins feel the same pain she felt.

Regardless, this could have cost Rollins his job with WWE. WWE Executive Triple H didn’t want anything to happen to Rollins. He is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world at this point. Triple H knows that Rollins is a gold mine for the future of WWE and he also knows that he typically doesn’t do anything wrong to harm the company.

Meanwhile Vince McMahon is by no means happy about the situation. Daily Wrestling News reports that Vince was not upset with Rollins as much as he was upset Zahra’s picture was on for an extended period of time. WWE is a PG company, and having a nude picture of one of your developmental women is by no means good for business.

Vince is mainly upset at the entire situation, not at Rollins or Zahra. However, Zahra’s nude picture on the website was certainly the worst thing on WWE’s end of things.

Interestingly, this ordeal has not stopped the two from conversing on social media. So that is out there.

Currently, the Rollins scandal is considered a private matter, and WWE wants to make sure everyone respects Rollins in handling it himself. The number one thing most would do at this point is change the passwords for all his social media platforms. Of course, that won’t stop his fiancee from posting any other pictures online. So this ordeal may not be over for Rollins just yet.

While Vince McMahon may not punish Rollins or Zahra for the issue, many speculate that he would have done so if not for Triple H.

WWE certainly does not want this sort of thing happening on multiple occasions. WWE seems to have already delayed plans to put Seth Rollins in the WWE World Title picture due to it. He was supposed to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase at any point, but word has it that WWE is now pushing the cash-in to at least June. This is mainly to let the nude picture scandal blow over.

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