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WWE: Big-Time Superstar Returns; What Does WWE Have Planned For Him?

After months on the shelf due to filming a movie for WWE and then nursing a number of injuries, Randy Orton returned to the ring on Saturday night at a WWE Live event. He’s been advertised to return to TV events for weeks now, but still hasn’t made an appearance. Maybe now, he’s ready.

WrestleZone reported that Randy Orton returned to the ring at the WWE Live event in Salt Lake City on Saturday and took on Kane. The match was actually said to be one that wasn’t the greatest, and a fan even sent in a full report.

“Both men have put on better performances. I expected better from them. It almost seemed like they just weren’t in a rhythm with each other. Randy with an RKO for the win to send us into intermission.”

Considering how long Orton has been out, it isn’t surprising that things may have been taken a little easy in some of his first action back. In December, he also wrestled at a WWE Live event, but then disappeared again.

Still, this is great news that Randy Orton is back, as it adds another big name to the main event scene, per Wrestling Inc. After the way he left television, word is that he will be back as a babyface and not his normal heel role.

Now, one has to wonder what WWE has in store for him?

He could very well show up at Monday Night Raw tomorrow night as he is advertised for it, but then again, that’s happened for weeks. With a return to the ring at this point, it gives Randy Orton two weeks to build a program for Fast Lane.

When Orton left to film The Condemned 2 for WWE Films, it was one thing. Then, he had some injuries that he has had to heal up for about three months now and WWE may not want to force him into a two-week program quickly.

He could make a return on Raw or even at Fast Lane to set up the rumored feud between him and Seth Rollins that could culminate at WrestleMania 31.

They were at each other’s throats while both were members of The Authority, and it looks like Rollins won out. Now, Orton will likely want revenge, and it could mean coming back to put over one of the biggest up-and-comers in the business.

Randy Orton is back once again, but will he be back on WWE television? The only thing that can be done is to watch Raw on Monday and see if “The Viper” returns.

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