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Henry Cavill Wants To Play Superman For Many Years To Come

They may have taken some time to get it going, but Warner Bros. is set to blow their shared DC cinematic universe up in the coming years. Beginning with Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, the studio will release at least 12 films until the year 2020, including a two-part Justice League movie and solo vehicles for each member of the team.

While Dawn of Justice will mark the first expansion of the franchise, the foundation was laid during 2013′s Man of Steel. The Superman reboot proved to be divisive amongst critics and moviegoers, but it still grossed $668 million worldwide and convinced the higher ups it was worth pursuing future installments set in this world.

One of the few elements about Man of Steel that most viewers agree on is how good of a fit Henry Cavill was for the part of Kal-El. His intense workout leading up to production certainly helped him look the part, and his performance – though somewhat restrained – was effective enough to sell him as the Superman for a new generation. Fans are eager to see more of the actor in the role, but how long will Cavill don the cape?

Cavill was asked by TheAnglophileChannel how many more years he wishes to play the character, and based on his response, comic fans have nothing to worry about. He’s here to stay for the long run.

Said Cavill:

“I love the character. I love working with Warner Bros. and what they’re doing with it, and so fingers crossed I’ll be able to tell the story for many, many years to come.”

Since Superman is slated to appear not just in the two Justice League films, but alsoanother Superman-centric adventure in the time between now and 2020, it’s very good to hear that he remains dedicated to his career breakthrough role. His comments are not that different from Ben Affleck’s a few months back, where the new Batmanpraised the work done by WB in getting their superhero library to the screen.

Given that starring in a blockbuster franchise involves a seemingly nonstop period of lengthy film shoots and press tours (while limiting an actor’s options to do other types of films), it’s easy to see how someone could get burned out by the process – no matter how fun it is to be a superhero. As he nears the end of his Marvel Studios contract, Chris Evans is looking forward to moving on and pursuing other endeavors, but that bug hasn’t bitten Cavill just yet.

Superman with flag in Man of Steel Henry Cavill Wants to Play Superman For Many Years to Come

With Cavill’s head in the right place, his “fingers crossed” comment most likely refers to whether or not he’ll get that chance to fulfill the complete extent of his deal with WB. It’s true that the studio has a large slate of movies planned, but if they continue to generate a mixed response, a monkey wrench could be thrown in those plans.

Batman v Superman will no doubt be a box office hit, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 showed that your movie could make $708.9 million globally and still throw your whole shared universe in disarray. The pressure is on Dawn of Justice (and the films that follow) to be critical hits as well as commercial ones.

Until we see some official footage of what the studio has in store, we have to give WB the benefit of the doubt for now. As they begin to assemble the main players for the DC movie universe, WB has been able to encourage high caliber actors andtalented directors to take part in what they’re trying to accomplish. Ideally, history will be on their side and audiences will get to see these characters for many years to come.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters March 25, 2016.

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