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Georges St. Pierre Currently Has No Plans For 2015

UFC president Dana White has remained steadfast that former welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre would one day return to the Octagon.

He was recently on UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, looking forward to 2015, telling co-hosts Kenny Florian and Brian Stann, “I really do think that Georges St-Pierre will be back in 2015.”

But as time continues to slip away, the prospect of a GSP return becomes less and less likely.

The latest blow to the hopes of White and countless fans came in a Thursday report from, in which the outlet asked St-Pierre’s manager when we might see the former champion back in the Octagon.

“There is no plan for 2015,” Rodolphe Beaulieu responded. “We are working on a few projects, but nothing related for him coming back in the octagon.”

Although Beaulieu didn’t expand on those plans, St-Pierre is known to have been busy making movies for the past couple of years. He was in the major motion picture release of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” last year, and is currently filming alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme in the remake of “Kickboxer.”

St-Pierre also spent a good portion of 2014 recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. While he has since returned to training, he has warned everyone not to read too much into that as it relates to a possible return to the Octagon.

“I’m going to tell you the truth, I always train. I started training when I was seven years old, and I never stopped. Training is part of my life, so it doesn’t mean anything,” St-Pierre said on a Chael Sonnen podcast.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m going to be back or not. Whether I retire or not, or if I come back or not, I’m always going to be training. I like to feel in shape. I like to feel good in my own skin and that’s why I’m training.”

So, while White may believe he can lure St-Pierre back to the UFC, and there are numerous fans clamoring for his return, there are currently no strong indicators that we’ll be seeing the former champ fighting in the Octagon again any time soon.

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