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Spider-Man’s Involvement w/ The Avengers Movies May Become A Reality

Update: Sony has thrown cold water on today’s reports, claiming that Latino-Review has simply publicized “an old rumor.” Speaking with Comic Book Resources, a representative for the entertainment giant said that the new claims have “no validity whatsoever.”

Sony provided no further details on its plans for Spider-Man.

“The deal went through,” according to unnamed sources, and there was much rejoicing in the land. It looks like one of Marvel’s greatest heroes might be coming back home, as a new report holds that Spider-Man will be popping up in a future Avengers movie, at the culmination of a saga that begins this summer with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Of course, this sort of report – a spoiler-ish dispatch on the possible future of some superhero movies that are still several years off – has to be taken with the requisite dose of sodium chloride, but it comes from Latino-Review, which has shown to be pretty well connected in the past. That said, this one’s a doozy, laying out the future history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with massive new developments culminating in the debut of Spider-Man in the movie universe he belongs in.

As we’ve established multiple times in the past, Avengers: Age of Ultron will lay the groundwork for a schism in the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest. Tony Stark’s role in creating Ultron could result in some Avengers biting the big one, and Captain America and others aren’t going to be terribly happy with Stark in the wake of Age of Ultron. That, according to this new report, is just the beginning, though.

Following Age of Ultron, we’ll have Captain America: Civil War on the way, and the new report says that Marvel will hew pretty closely to the story it already explored in the Civil War comics. That means that Steve Rogers might be taking a dirt nap at the end of that one, and that could see Anthony Mackie’s Falcon taking up the star-spangled shield in Rogers’ place.

Sony’s licensing hold on Spider-Man has kept him from playing with his other Marvel friends, but a new report says that’s all about to change, starting with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

All of this is to say that Age of Ultron reportedly sets in motion a chain of events that will see a totally different lineup of Avengers taking the screen in May of 2018 when Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 opens. Among them: Spider-Man.

“Steve Rogers is not in [Avengers: Infinity War Part 1]. He is dead. Thor is not in this movie, he is imprisoned. Spider-Man IS in this movie, the Sony deal went through.”

The actual particulars of the deal – or, indeed, if the deal even exists – are unknown, but the report would have us believe that Sony and Marvel have at last hashed out a way for Spider-Man to appear alongside other characters from the House of Ideas. Sony has been struggling mightily with the Spider-Man franchise. A lot is riding on your average superhero movie nowadays; that’s why you have Fox gradually trotting out voices to assure everyone that their Fantastic Four reboot will be top notch. Sony, though, has been unable to translate its valuable Spider-Man franchise into as valuable a property as it thinks it should have.

Marvel, meanwhile, has reportedly been upset at Sony’s handling of Spider-Man, and there has been no small amount of behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing to get Spidey back home.

There’s no telling just how true Latino-Review‘s newest report is, but it would represent a massive coup for Marvel were they able to bring Spider-Man back into the fold. Spider-Man could join up with Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, and any number of the other myriad characters Marvel will introduce over the next three years – yes, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 comes out in just three years! – to form the New Avengers, a squad that will be taking on Thanos and whatever other bad guys the Mad Titan can assemble.

And then there’s the big reveal: the original Avengers would be making a comeback for Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. Even Steve Rogers. Because comics.

Of course, there’s one thing the newest report doesn’t give away, and that’s whether the Spider-Man that appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be the one audiences have come to expect. There’s no doubt a solid segment of fans that are hoping that, when Spidey’s mask comes off for the first time, it’s not Peter Parker that we see under there, but Miles Morales. Stay tuned, true believers!

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