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The Fung Bros I: NBA Signature Moves (Pt. I & II)

Written by J. Johnson

Basketball, like many other things, can be self-taught. Michael Jordan’s phenomenal success is partly attributed to his great coaches and trainers, but the person who deserves the most credit for his accomplishment is Michael Jordan himself. Despite having his blessed talent, Jordan never slacked off his practice or overlooked its importance. Consistent practicing is by far the most crucial key to becoming an excellent basketball player.

There’re many ways that you can take your basketball game to a new level. Players of the sport today and some from the past have been able to keep their names etched in history for being great players and their own significant way of playing. It can almost be compared to how a boxer trains every day to perfect their unique style.

Now Andrew & David Fung seems to know the ins and outs of perfecting the skills and unique stylings of today’s NBA players. Those like Stephen Curry, Shawn Marion, Ray Allen, or Lebron James are some that these few that have begun to display. Along w/ their friend Richie Le, Andrew and David have made a two part video to show you some of those signature moves.

(Pt 1)

Haven’t had enough yet? Well, grab a bottle of water as they go for the 2nd quarter.

(Pt. 2)

Like they said, “…We’re not saying we do ’em that well, but ya know maybe you’ll learn something…”

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