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Dealing w/ Stress

Stress (noun):
pressure or tension exerted on a material object:
the distribution of stress is uniform across the bar
Synonyms: pressure · tension · strain
As ‘Finals Week’ begins for some and end for others, you probably have found yourself just not wanthing to study for the exams that await you. You look back at notes knowing that the long process of studying is going to give you headaches. At times you procrastation starts to take over as you’re mind becomes evermore distracted even by a simply thing as a random noise. It’s times like this you say to yourself “F**K IT!”, but it has to be done. Now we know there’s many ways to get over such stress and to be honest it’s something to cope with.

Here’s how Mickey Elliott deals w/ his stress:

Synopsis: Stress causes things like white hair, acne and overall bitchiness. Avoid it if you can!

Now can you cope with your stress a little better now. Good, we wish every college/university student the best of luck on your finals.

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