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Preview: ‘Complicated’ Music Video By: MC Jin

MC Jin had a journey to embark on after a seven-year hiatus from the United States fanbase. He released two singles to the world for a taste of the journey he’s been going through re-discovering his culture and origin (roots). ‘Complicated‘ was one of those hits that capture many longtime fans to grow anticipation for the full-length release of the album entitled ‘XIV:LIX‘ (14:59). Now that his new album has been released to the public, his new venture in making a music video is underway. Check out this sneak peek of the music video ‘Complicated‘.

MC Jin performing Complicated featuring Hollis. © 2014. The Great Company. Directed by The Meteorites, Make-Up by Lidia4TheWin, Production Design by Jennifer Hwang.

Get your copy of ‘XIV:LIX‘: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon

MC Jin’s first full-length album since ‘The Rest Is History’ in 2004 is available now

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