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Steve Aoki Regards His Fans Very Highly

Electro-house producer and world top-10 ranked DJ Steve Aoki, visited Toronto for an intimate event at HMV’s Yonge St location on Tuesday afternoon. The basement venue was crammed full of fans who won the privilege to get Aoki’s autograph and watch him spin, from local radio station Z103.5. The dance music station hosted the event live-to-air with personalities DJ Danny D and Tony Monaco, so those who were not fortunate enough to attend, could still listen to the EDM star spin.

The energized set featured some of the latest and greatest bass thumping songs, as well as music off Aoki’s recent studio release Neon Future I, and had just as much audience enthusiasm as a headline club gig. And as any of his fans will testify, an Aoki show is not complete without the ceremonial “caking” of a fan. Watch the video below to see one lucky guy get an Aoki cake in the face.

The new album is described as a utopian environment that showcases the relationship between humans and technology. It is not about flying cars and speaking cyborgs, but more so about efficient and practical enhancements that improve the quality of life as we navigate and interact with an almost exclusively digital landscape. Even the art direction for the album intends to visually represent an idea of the future as a world with extreme technological and scientific innovation.

Aoki said “When I think of the dance world, I think of how it’s a colorful world. That, along with my fascination with futurism defined the concept of my new album. I see the future in a more of a utopian sense, built through technology, music and color. These concepts became the driving force for the creation of my first double album.”

You can visit Steve Aoki’s Soundcloud page to hear music off Neon Future I HERE.

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