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WWE: Luke Harper Being Prep For A Singles Push

Luke Harper is being considered to split from the Wyatt Family to make a run as a singles superstar. Harper, 34, has been gaining momentum over the past few months as one of the top heels in the WWE, so the promotion apparently wants to give him a push as a singles player. Harper is undoubtedly a fan favorite.

He’s a talented wrestler, and he does great promo work. Fans also love his mysterious, awkward personality. Here’s the thing: Scripting Harper to split from the Wyatt Family would get him out into the spotlight and away from the shadow of Bray Wyatt. There has been a ton of heat surrounding Bray Wyatt over the past year, so until now Harper hasn’t had much of a chance to break out on his own.

No word yet from the WWE if Harper will make a run as a singles player as a babyface or heel. Chances are he’ll remain a villainous character, but it all depends on the type of reaction he gets from the crowd, and also how he splits from the Wyatt Family.

If he sneak-attacks Erick Rowan or Bray Wyatt to make the split complete, then he would instantly become a babyface. Time will tell how the situation plays out, but there’s a good chance the WWE has Harper make his singles run after Hell in a Cell

Props to the WWE’s creative team for thinking outside the box on Harper’s singles push. It has become clear over the past few months that the WWE needs an influx in talent in the singles division, since so many top superstars are sidelined with injuries. Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and Roman Reigns are all out for the immediate future due to injury, and Chris Jericho is also on hiatus to go on tour with his band.

Rob Van Dam is also on hiatus from the WWE, and Brock Lesnar only appears sporadically throughout the year. It’s also safe to say that the Undertaker has competed in his final match. With so many top stars sidelined for various reasons, Harper’s singles push comes at a pivotal time for the WWE.

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