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Could Justin Beiber Have Found A New Venture In Boxing?

Justin Bieber has found a way to rekindle interest in his image in the aftermath of the filthy smear campaign against him due to some legal problems with boxing. MTV News reported on Oct. 17, 2014 that Bieber has trained with Floyd Mayweather. Bieber has recently posted several photographs of himself training with Mayweather.

Bieber and Mayweather first became friends earlier in the year. In May Bieber showed up with his friend Lil Wayne for a boxing match between Mayweather and Marcos Maidana. Kylie Jenner came along as his date for that fight. Bieber than showed up for Mayweather’s match with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in September. Bieber found out at that time that Mayweather’s daughter Iyana is a fan of his.

Bieber has been picking up the tricks of the trade of boxing from Mayweather in his Las Vegas gym reports Mail Online. Mayweather clearly likes having Bieber as part of his large entourage and has nicknamed him “Moneybags.”

Mayweather has not yet announced his next opponent. His victory over Maidana in their rematch last month left him with a record to 47 victories from that many fights. Mayweather’s a family oriented guy whose father is also his trainer. The relationship between Bieber and Mayweather is certainly an interesting one and is likely to help bring out the best in Bieber.

Bieber has always been a sports fan. His interest in getting into the ring with Mayweather helps establish a more matured and healthy view of a Bieber who appears to want to leave the dismal interlude of drugs and alcohol in his life behind him. Mayweather is a well respected boxer and represents everything positive about sports and fitness that can mean so much to Bieber both personally and professionally at this time.

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