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WWE: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Says He Has No Desire To Wrestle Again

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has done it all in the world of wrestling. Coming in as a technical wrestler who could potentially out-wrestle anyone in the company, things felt bland for him. Eventually, one speech at King of the Ring in 1996 took him from a name people knew little of to one that they needed to know. From there, he had storylines with Vince McMahon and became the successful star we know him as today. His stardom still holds up, as he is a proven draw for WWE programming and the crowds still go wild when his music hits.

It should come as no shock that WWE would love to have the rattlesnake come back for one more match. It seemed that this was a possibility for a moment. Rumors were swirling about Steve Austin making “a comeback,” which turned out to be a comeback to Gold’s Gym. Depressing.

Austin said on his podcast recently that he had no desire to take bumps, and he simply has no time in his schedule to train for another match anyway. He added that if he did come back, he’d “whoop Brock Lesnar’s a**.”

Austin also claimed that he has a project coming up in February, which he could not tell us about yet. That would mean that he would be outcome WrestleMania 31. Like The Rock, Austin could still appear at the event despite a tight schedule. However, we shouldn’t expect that.

We cannot rule out a potential WrestleMania 32 return, but if he does not desire to take bumps now, I would doubt he’d love doing it a year from now…another year older.

Many within WWE still feel we will see Austin back in the ring sooner rather than later. While that does seem like more hope than reality, if they feel this way it must mean that Austin has given some indication that he wants to go one more round. This could be good or bad. The last two big matches The Rock had with John Cena, he was hurt. Both of which resulted in big heal time, the last resulting in surgery being needed.

Austin is older than The Rock. Being 49 years old, it would suck if he was hurt and having to heal up when he could be doing other projects with less risk. The Rock is arguably in better shape than most, and if he can get hurt working in a part-time schedule….Austin could be at risk too.

Obviously WWE wants him, why wouldn’t they? It just comes down to Austin knowing what would be good and bad for him. Plus, the only big match Austin can have with someone that we’ve wanted to see is with CM Punk. We know that won’t happen anytime soon. That being said, don’t expect to see the former WWE Champion back in the ring, wrestling, anytime soon or ever for that matter.

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