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Newsroom: The Final Season

Breaking: The Newsroom‘s official Season 3 trailer has just come across the wires, and it’s good. 

The final season’s preview features all of your News Night favorites (including Chris Messina’s Reese and Jane Fonda’s Leona) plus some new developments (Hallie working at the network? Mac firing a gun? Sloan and Don sussing out their relationship?). And let’s not forget Will’s fervent, if misguided, speeches to his staff, including one that ends, “We don’t do good TV. We do the news!”

In addition, the spot confirms that the series will take on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing —as creator Aaron Sorkin previously stated — and a Wikileaks-like info dump, with Neal at the center.

We’ve also got the final season’s exclusive poster below, which shows Will doing his thing behind the anchor desk and the text, “Every story needs a final word.”

The News Night staff will be back for a six-episode swan song, beginning Sunday, Nov. 9, at 9/8c.

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