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WWE: Wade Barrett Could Possibly Reunite ‘Nexus’

Before The Shield invaded the WWE with young developmental wrestlers kicking in the door and making their name, Nexus perfected the move before. That group, led by Wade Barrett, charged into the WWE and destroyed everyone in their path. While the conclusion of the Nexus storyline was poorly executed, Bad News Barrett did an interview with Ten Sports on Friday and said the overall angle was a success and there is always a chance that they could return in the future.

Barrett said that he would not have ended the angle when the WWE did, because he felt there was a lot of life left in it. He also said that the Nexus angle has to be considered a success because most of the wrestlers that broke out because of it are still active players in the WWE. He then said that there is a potential in the future of bringing the group back together.

The Nexus invaded the WWE in 2010, but the original group only lasted six months. The original Nexus invaders included NXT winner Wade Barrett, along with Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Heath Slater, Darren Young and Daniel Bryan. Bryan was immediately removed from the group after the WWE legitimately fired him for being too violent in the initial attack. Skip Sheffield also was removed after a short time when he fell to injury. Midway through the angle, new members Husky Harris and Michael McGillictty joined the group as replacements.

With that said, Bad News Barrett is right about the huge effect of The Nexus on the WWE. Out of that group, Bad News Barrett is still a major star, albeit injured at the moment. Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Darren Young are all lower mid-card talents, four years later. David Otunga is still a part of the WWE when it comes to promotional appearances. Skip Sheffield became Ryback and Michael McGillicutty became Curtis Axel. Most impressively, Daniel Bryan is a former world champion and Husky Harris has become the very popular Bray Wyatt.

Whether or not The Nexus ever returns to the WWE or not, Bad News Barrett is right about their positive effect on the WWE. This group proved that developmental stars could make their mark on the WWE and result in long careers with the company. The Shield is simply an extension of that success story.

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