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Episode II: Live Action ‘Ghost In The Shell’

Ghost in the Shell: Live Action Movie

Hey listen, hey listen, Dreamworks is up to something after making “Ghost in the Shell: Innocence” (a decade ago). Although looks like the current plan is to do this live (action). Masamune Shirow’s (<Original manga creator) creation is (likely) going to have another chance at the big screen. Dreamworks even has a man making a grove in the director’s chair, Rupert Sanders who directed “Snow White and the Huntsman” and writer William Wheeler has even written a script for Sanders to work off of.

We have the two big pieces of making a movie together so great head way is being made to make this thing happen. (Isn’t film related things someone else’s department?) Now the longtime fans of “Ghost in the Shell” may be (Will be) a little iffy on the news especially with Sanders steering this ship, but we know most of those fans will watch it anyway. Sanders may have not wowed audiences with “Snow White and the Huntsman”, but let’s give him a shot to see if he can make something great happen seeing as how he’s been trusted with three other district movies. Although it may have been wiser to choose a more established and experienced director to direct a movie for a franchise as big and beloved as “Ghost in the Shell”.

On more current news of the film a big milestone has been made while the film is still in development; we may have a leading lady for the film. “The Wolf of Wall Street” actress Margot Robbie has been in talks with Dreamworks to play the lead in the movie. The film is getting closer and closer to happening.

With how more and more likely it looks that the movie could happen let’s wait and see if it’ll be good or maybe fans will arm themselves with pitchforks and torches after seeing it. I can’t see the future and we don’t know how the film will come out tell it’s filmed and edited.

Longtime fans will like it or hate it, but a new theatrical movie should give some more attention to the franchise and hopefully make more people want to watch/read the old school material.

So long people let’s see if you see me again if no one has fired me yet.

By: Michael Sanchez (Chief Contributor Office/Columnist
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