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WWE: ‘RAW-Medium Rare’ Preview

Last week on Monday Night Raw,

The Bella Twins on Springer TV

Ever since Brie Bella’s match at SummerSlam against the principal owner of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon, there has been a giant divide between sisters Brie Bella and Nikki Bella. Of course, that may have a lot to do with the fact that Nikki cost Brie her match. Not only did she cost Brie her match at SummerSlam, but she has been on this overwhelming “poor me” campaign since then. She constantly talks about how she was tortured as a child, always living in the shadow of her attention-seeking, needy sister Brie.

Nikki has even gone as far as to say that she wished that her sister Brie had died in the womb. So, how to you resolve family issues like the one between the Bella Twins? Well, you bring in Jerry Springer, what else?


Image courtesy of WWE

Last week, on the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw, talk show host and former Mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Springer hosted a “Bella Intervention” on the show. He made his way to the middle of the ring in the hopes of being able to repair the bond that has been lost between the two sisters. Unfortunately, that bond may be broken for good.

Complete with messages from their parents and a special appearance by their brother J.J., Jerry laid it all out on the line in the hopes of getting the two girls to hug it out. Unfortunately, the only thing Jerry ended up hugging was the mat when all the chaos began.

Tonight Nikki Bella teams up with WWE Diva’s Champion Paige to take on Brie Bella & AJ Lee in a Diva’s Tag Team match.


WWE’s Night of Champions is to premiere on Sept. 21 and will be a pay-per-view show that will take place at the Bridgestone Arena at Nashville, Tennessee. There are strong opinions circulating the event itself as well as the superstars whi will be appearing on it.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is once again absent from RAW and it has been up to John Cena and Paul Heyman to build up the anticipation leading to the Night of Champions. From the looks of everything that went down between Cena and Heyman, a character change or development looks to be in store for the superstar Cena.


Image courtesy of WWE

Cena has become one of the most famous and most successful superstars in the business and his character has not changed throughout the decade he’s been with the WWE. Still, he could benefit from having a dimension added to his character.

Heyman taunted Cena, saying he had no chance to beat Lesnar during the Night of Champions, and saying he had to channel his inner darkness if he hoped to defeat him. It is unclear, however, if this will illicit any change in Cena’s personality.

It has also been revealed that Roman Reigns will face Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton will be facing Chris Jericho in a pair of single set matches, leading up to the Cena versus Lesnar match at the Night of Champions.

The line-up for the set matches are looking to be good and fresh, certainly taking a new different feel from SummerSlam. Certainly, the Lesnar-Cena main event is a rematch and WWE’s move to minimize rematches is a good idea.

But tonight, will all the talking be done with as Brock Lesnar makes his return to Raw? Is John Cena ready to prove he’s ready to fight Lesnar at Night of Champion? Stay tuned for Monday Night Raw at 8pm on the USA Network.


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