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A Look At: ‘Naruto’s Final Arc’ w/ Randy Le

A Look At: ‘Naruto’ w/ Randy Le

The 4th Great Ninja War ends, let’s recap

Most of us anime fans are really critical when it comes to how plots are suppose to be play out. In theory we all knew that Naruto, the series, would end with Naruto saving the world. This 4th Great Ninja War was suppose to be just that, a moment that has been awaited for nearly a decade. All the build-ups, all the character development, and all the anticipation collected only to be derived from what was expected a little more than a little. Let’s take a quick recap of some of the best moments of this arcs and also moments that are still questionable.


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One of the best moments of this arc had to be Madara Uchiha’s revival. Man was that something to be begged upon, arguably one of the two most powerful shinobis to ever lived. The scene with Madara vs. the 5 Kages and the Shinobi Alliance was just pure entertainment. Kishomoto really show cast the power of Madara that even our imagination could not have supply that much excitement, it even made the five Kages look a bit feeble.

Ever since the reveal of Tobi, which gave many predictors headaches for half a decade, as Obito Uchiha I have to say was a bit of a disappointment. Not because of the plot itself, because I very well thought the plot and how he fitted in as Tobi was very well played, but the fact that he changed from being this amazing goofy mastermind to this whiny virgin who was easily fooled and controlled by the infamous Madara Uchiha.

The death of Hyuga Neji was also a bit of a let down. His death was presented beautifully but not justified. Hyuga Neji, arguably with the exception of Naruto and Sasuke was the strongest of the Konoha 12, was killed by a wooden pipe that could have been easily avoided. His teammate Tenten was dispersed on the head by a gourd that signified a type of sealing jutsu that even after this far into the war was nowhere else to be mentioned. His Sensei Guy, who unleased the 8th grates of hell, put up a tremendous battle against Madara and seemed to be going out in style only to be ruined by the series Jesus, Naruto. The revival of the four great Hokages was hands down the best moment of the arc. To see them in action and to see their dialogues and personalities that we were only teased about at the beginning of the series was just pure awesomeness. If anything else were worth watching in this arc, this would be it.


The final villain Kaguya had to be the biggest disappointment about this arc. Had Kishimoto continue his reign with Madara Uchiha and left Kaguya, a myth for the fans to get creative about, could have turn around an arguably failing arc. Kaguya, the mother of all shinobis, with unlimited amount of chakras and various bloodlines for some reason did not pose as a threat to Naruto and Sasuke.If I remembered correctly during Madara vs. the Shinobi Alliance even Naruto ran from a giant boulder that would have crushed him in mere seconds and Sasuke who tried to ambush Madara was stabbed to near death in about two seconds flat! That my friends are true threats that would have put fans at the edge of their seats, not a character whose dialogue came from a mama’s boy.

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Lastly the phoenix Obito Uchiha rising from the ashes to give Kakashi two sharingans to perform perfect susano caused a bigger discussion than when Naruto revived his eyes with just his bare hands. First and foremost Obito’s spirit coming back to the real world was kind of sketchy but I allowed it to slide. Kakashi gaining two sharingans temporary and performing perfect susano “perfectly” through just Obito’s chakra almost caused cars to sink by the depth of the plot holes. The fact that Obito himself had never used perfect susano, and the fact that a non-Uchiha Kakashi could awaken the sharingan and use perfect susano without any evidence of him or Obito having that kind of power seemed a bit shady. Remember that not even Itachi Uchiha, a very high caliber shinobi, could perform perfect susano. But if everyone overlooked all of that, I must say it was epic how it was performed and played out, a grade A for all the Kakashi fans. All in all the arc itself was not so bitter, it was just very awfully paced, a bit bumpy on the roads, and a lot of iffy points that caused it to receive a bit of discussion. There were also other things that could be discussed like the ten tails and Sasuke’s change of heart but we’ll leave those discussions for another time. Naruto, the series, is coming to an end and what a roller coaster it has been, but I must say that the series was really enjoyable despite it’s setbacks. Let’s hope for a better ending to the Naruto series, till then rate and comment any questions or thoughts you may have on this post or the series itself. Have a sparkling day.

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