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Chris Evans on: ‘Captain America 3’, Passing The Shield, and More..

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy may be the talk of the town (and Hollywood) right now, but it’s the second film from them this year to take the world by storm. In April, Captain America: The Winter Soldier launched to rave reviews (read ours) and record-breaking box office numbers, earning itself a spot on the list of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe installments to date.

Given the tremendous success that The Winter Soldier had, fans are no doubt excited for what directors Joe and Anthony Russo have in store for Captain America 3. The brothers have already hinted at where the story could go, and now star Chris Evans is making comments as well.

In an interview with MTV News, the star-spangled man with a plan discussed how Cap 3 is connected to next summer’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Read his quote:

“That’s the beauty of the Marvel [Cinematic] Universe… It’s this giant web of plot, where everything is connected to everything else whether it’s ‘Thor,’  ‘Iron Man’ or ‘Avengers,’ everything is kind of involved.”

Chris Evans Captain America 3 Chris Evans on Captain America 3, Passing the Shield & More
It certainly was ambitious when Marvel took what amounted to the company’s second-tier characters (to the moviegoing public) and launched a shared movie universe where everything was connected, but it’s hard to argue with the results now. One of the standout features of the MCU is that everything is “involved and leads to buzz over where the franchise will go next. That fact wasn’t lost on Evans, as he acknowledged the fans’ passion for these characters.

Said Evans:

“Every time a new film is announced, there is this surge of excitement to where they are gonna go. I think with ‘Cap 3,’ we’re going to continue this excitement.”

Many have been wondering where Captain America will go in the near future. Evans is nearing the end of his original six-picture contract with the studio and has previously stated he’s looking forward to stepping away from the shield and pursuing a career as a director (maybe for a Marvel film?). Between post-credit scenes and new developments in the comics, fans have been speculating that either Bucky Barnes or The Falcon will take up the mantle in the MCU eventually.

captain america 2 winter soldier preview Chris Evans on Captain America 3, Passing the Shield & More

Unsurprisingly, Evans had some thoughts on this topic:

“Don’t take my job from me prematurel,y dude. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point, all good things have to come to an end. But I’m really happy playing the character.”

Since the actor will reprise the role in at least three more upcoming movies (including Avengers 3 – rumored for a 2018 release), we’ll be seeing Evans as Cap for a few more years, making talk of his replacement premature indeed. Still, the man himself admits that he’ll probably be stepping down one day, so it is an interesting discussion for fans to have for the time being.

Due to Sebastian Stan’s (Bucky Barnes) nine-picture contract with Marvel, the good money is that he will become Captain America 2.0 down the line. The Russos have added some fuel to that fire, teasing moviegoers with a “twist” in Captain America 3that specifically deals with the Winter Soldier.

Whether that comes to pass remains to be seen, but if we’re truly at the end of Evans’ reign in the red, white and blue, we’ll appreciate these last few times we have with him even more.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be out on Blu-ray September 9. Captain America 3 will be in theaters May 6, 2016.

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