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It’s not every day you see someone trying to inspire others through their own motivations and improvement on life. Junyu Tansawa, as he’s calls himself “Aesthetic Ninja” is one of many people that has found a sort of motivation to improve his own life. Tansawa takes his inspiration to a new level when he hits the gym. It’s truly a mighty inspiration on his part as he uses the social media outlets to promote a healthy and inspiration outlook on life rather than, taken advantage of what is a gift to us. Inspiration can come from anyone a sports figure, a family member, or someone else with a very inspirational story.

As inspiration can drastically change someone’s life, and can even save them from something that could be life-threatening. We had the pleasure to know a little bit more about Junyu Tansawa and what gets him motivated to work towards an aesthetic lifestyle in this mini interview.


Q: How did your journey of fitness, health, and inspiration all begin?

Junyu: “It started with the desire to have a more aesthetically pleasing body to the human eye. I was inspired by a very good friend of mine who was working as a model.”

Q: What are some components that help keep you fit?

Junyu: “I would have to say it is nutrition and the consistency around exercising on a daily basis.”

Q: Is there any desired goal you want to reach?

Junyu: “I would say my goal is to spread the message of what correct and effective methods of training in the gym are and consequently a balanced lifestyle.”

Q: Has there been any aspirations of bodybuilding or have you trekked that path already?

Junyu: “Bodybuilding is definitely something I admire and a scene I enjoy however it would not be my main goal per say.”

Q: Was there a time you had doubts?

Junyu: “I would say there were doubts in the lifestyle itself and since I enjoy travelling and going out, I had doubts as to whether this was the correct way to live life. However, as it turns out, being healthy and active will allow one to live a life much more fulfilled than that of an unhealthy lifestyle.”

Q: Out of everything you’ve done in fitness, what was your proudest moment?

Junyu: “It would be the messages and emails I receive from my followers on Instagram telling me that I had inspired them to live a healthier life by exercising more frequently and eating more nutritious meals.”

Q: What (in your opinion) makes someone stay the course to living a healthy fit life?

Junyu: “It begins with the right mindset – the conviction in your mind that will drive every action you take to ensure that life is well lived when you’re active and healthy.”

Here’s a great example of what Tansawa would love for each person who’s been inspired by him to do with his “Full Leg Routine“. Don’t forget to follow Junyu on his social outlets: @aestheticninja | Aesthetic Ninja

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