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박재범 Jay Park ‘WORLDWIDE X 원해 (WANT IT)’ [MV]

Written by: J Johnson

Oops he does it again!

It’s been two weeks since “WORLDWIDE” took over the world, but that doesn’t mean Jay Park; co-founder of the Korean label AOMG has stopped bringing any presence to the album itself. Not only has he been able to keep the presence of his latest album running, but MVs have been popping up during days set by the international artist. It adds the visuals that most wouldn’t be able to see if they quite understand Korean. However, “Worldwide” has that mixture of Korean and English in the album, but the Seattle-Korean native fluency makes for a perfect diversity.

Want It” opened like a film straight out of Hong Kong and yes to me it was a really nostalgic in a way (Kung-Fu movies are the best). Even with that you still get that feeling that Jay Park has a hidden message he wants to fans to know, but it just hasn’t been revealed yet. Perhaps it’s a visual of his “badass” side than the average pop singer that most fans want him to be. Look an artist is willing and able to take multiple genres of music and use that to reach a wide-range audience.

Jay Park in his MV "Want It" from the latest album "Worldwide" (2015) | Photo credit: AOMG

Jay Park in his MV “Want It” from the latest album “Worldwide” (2015) | Photo credit: AOMG

THE SONG COMPLETELY DOES A 360 from Jay Park and a mysterious woman walking around a city in Seoul, South Korea to the visual of a flexible guy making crazy movements followed by Jay Park definitely letting loose in a red-visual background. The credit for having an artist make you see one thing only to drive your mind to something totally different is amazing.

Jay Park and AOMG has brought hip-hop in South Korea to a new height and the scene can only go up from here. It’s an appealing way to make music an enjoyable outlet. “Want It” is something to watch, but to understand it will make change your mindset. Park not only has the vision for where he wants to go with his music, he has the “IT” factor to make his music a global phenomenon.

Everything we do is world wide!” –Jay Park

Enough of me talking about here’s the actual MV of “Want It” from “WORLDWIDE“:

WORLDWIDE” by: Jay Park is available now on iTunes. Don’t forget to follow Jay Park on Twitter |Instagram | Facebook

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