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“BO$$” Jay Park ft. Yultron, LOCO (로꼬) & Ugly Duck [MV]

Written by: J. Johnson

Last week, Jay Park & AOMG released his anticipated album entitled “WORLDWIDE” and in multiple countries it hit the #1 spot. It made the #11 spot on the hip/hop charts for the United States. Impressive for an album mainly in Korean. Most individuals don’t even listen to Korean hip-hop, but the K-Pop scene has seen a dramatic increase in listeners. Times can definitely tell where the Korean hip hop scene may go.

On the 9th of November it was announced that Jay Park was to release the official MV of the “BO$$” track the next day. Like most of the news Jay Park breaks about anything concerning music or his career, the fans became instantly excited. With the global success of “WORLDWIDE” has hit #5 on the Billboard chart’s ‘World Albums‘ it seems that Park can produce a wide-range of content to keep the buzz for his latest album going.

Truth be told, “BO$$” wasn’t one of the top 5 songs I enjoyed on Jay Park’s latest album, but the MV definitely gives you another perspective on the song itself. It has a mystery-heist feel to it that you wouldn’t normally be familiar with, but the mold has been broken ever since Jay Park entered the scene of Korean hip-hop. Each artists in the MV has exactly what the song is all about… being a BOSS! In order to enjoy the song for what it you have to listen and watch for yourself so I’m going to say one more thing, which is Korean hip-hop is a growing phenomenon to be honest may just continue to grow like its counterpart here in the United States.

So here’s BO$$” by: Jay Park ft. Yultron, LOCO, & Ugly Duck [MV]:

BO$$” is available on Jay Park’s album “WORLDWIDE” for download on iTunes

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