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Aesthetics Of A Ninja

Written by J. Johnson

Fitness is the structure to a long, healthy life. Being fit entitles a better chance to live longer and grow older with more mobility than most people, helping you to be able to do activities you normally couldn’t if leading an unhealthy life. The popular saying “health is wealth” gives large meaning to our life as health is considered the most valuable and precious for every individual. Staying healthy not only brings a state of absence of disease in the body, but complete physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual. Fitness leads to success, more happiness, self-confidence, and a longer lasting life span.

Junyu Tansawa, a Japanese/Singaporean-Australian that has a passion for living life to the fullest extent. Junyu refers to himself as the ‘Aesthetic Ninja’, now we don’t know why, but taking both words apart and breaking them down; Aesthetics – a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. Ninja – the traditional Japanese art of stealth, camouflage, and sabotage, developed in feudal times, for espionage and now practiced as a martial art.

Think about it, Junyu has a workout system for a set of principles concerning with one’s nature & beauty while using a stealth or fast way to achieve that level. Even going as far as maintaining the balance of both attributes.

Junyu has an inspirational approach to his lifestyle. Whether it’s something as simple as a pre-workout breakfast or maybe it’s the motivational quotes that he gives along his journey to being an idol or role model to others trying to reach his quality of health and fitness. We have a purpose on follow Junyu in his journey, even though he’s reached a point some would say is his peak, but he takes what he’s learned and apply it to many facets of the health and fitness world.

Continuity is how you build a physique” – Frank Zane

I never doubt the strength that every individual has to create their ideal physique. What I hope to do is share my passion and dedication to this lifestyle every day so that we can all improve on our consistency and continuity with these healthy habits. When you have achieved your desirable level of commitment, share it and help others around you who you know would benefit greatly from your words.” #spreadthelifestyle

Junyu “The Mighty One” Tansawa

Here’s a video:

Fitness can lead to much success in a person’s social integrity and confidence. In most cases a person who is fit and in shape is more confident. You must be able to dedicate yourself and stay the course when you try to stay fit. Junyu has that drive like many others in the world. It just so happens that he caught our interest like Toan Nguyen did when he enter his first bodybuilding competition. We admire those who try to take their life and health seriously. It’s something that leads to the assurance of a long fit lifestyle that one day you can give this same advice to someone who wants better for themselves.

Follow Junyu on his Instagram: Aestheticninja & check out his channel: Aesthetic Ninja

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