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Trevor Noah Debuts As Host Of ‘The Daily Show’ Revealed

When Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show, there were two immediate reactions felt by the viewing audience: 1) Sadness about him stepping down and 2) Curiosity about who would replace him. Soon thereafter, Stewart’s successor was found in the form of relatively new Daily Show contributor Trevor Noah.

The next question that needed to be answered – when will the South African comedian slide into Stewart’s chair? Well, now we have the answer, as has been provided by the above video.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will begin shortly after the start of Fall 2015 – September 28th, to be exact. This date isn’t much of a surprise, though; once it became official that Stewart will step away in August, it was clear Comedy Central was shooting for a September premiere that would line Noah’s launch up with the start o the fall television season (odds are good new seasons of Key & Peele and South Park will probably premiere around this time as well).

When it comes to its late night slate, Comedy Central is big on launching shows at the start of a new calendar year. Colbert left his post in December 2014 for Larry Wilmore to take over in January 2015. Originally, many speculated Noah would be taking over in a similar fashion starting in 2016, but the September move will allow the network to not lose too much steam coming off the Stewart finale. The new date also clears up something else for Comedy Central: awards potential.

Comedy Central’s late night slate is one of the only programming sub-sections that’s almost always up for Emmy awards. If Noah had been held over for 2016, it would have meant that Stewart and Noah would be competing against each other at the 2016 ceremony. While Stewart’s summer hold over will make him eligible for awards in 2016 (an Emmy season technically starts in June and ends in May), it’s much less likely he’ll be recognized that year if he steps out in August.

As for how viewers will take to Noah as the new Daily Show host – that’s an interesting question. The comedian attracted controversy earlier this year, in particular over jokes that he’s cracked online (via his Twitter account) in recent years – enough so that Stewart felt the need to defend him in public. However, for the time being, that backlash appears to have died down, as fans await to see how Noah handles the challenge of being Stwart’s Daily Show successor.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres September 28th, 2015 on Comedy Central.

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  1. He is well versed and funny. Trevor will do a good job.


  2. He is well versed and funny. Trevor will do a good job.

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